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Products and Services

Toma Controls Inc. has managed and delivered many industrial applications over the past 30 years. Toma Controls Inc. has been integrating PLC, PC and process controls including robots since 1987. Our systems have included:

MES systems


Vison Systems

Servo and VFD drives

PC based controls

RFID Systems

CNC machining

PLC and HMI’s

Weld controls

Laser etching systems

Host systems

IT integration

Climate controls

Remote monitoring


Robotics Software

We have provided systems for robotic cells for machine and conveyor load and unload, trimming flash for finished parts, welding applications, material handling, in transit quality control. We believe that accurate simulation can save time and money. Toma Controls Inc. will integrate your robots with your factory and automatically adjust processes according to any modifications. Accurately merge the virtual simulation with the physical world. We offer the following:

Simulation and Offline Programming of industrial robots has never been easier. RoboDK is affordable and suitable for any application.

You don't need to learn brand-specific programming languages anymore.

Use your robot like a CNC or a 3D printer. Your robot can be used like a 5-axis CNC for many applications, such as robot machining, trimming or inspection. Simulate and convert NC-code (G-code, APT, DXF) to robot milling programs.

3D Printing with robots can be easily accomplished in a few steps using RoboDK. A 3D object (such as an STL file) can be first sliced into different layer paths, then, the 3D printing robot program can be simulated.


PLC Training

Factory I/OFACTORY I/O is a 3D factory simulation for learning automation technologies. Designed to be easy to use, it allows to quickly build a virtual factory using a selection of common industrial parts. FACTORY I/O also includes many scenes inspired by typical industrial applications ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty levels.

The most common scenario is to use FACTORY I/O as a PLC training platform since PLC are the most common controllers found in industrial applications. However, it can also be used with microcontrollers, SoftPLC, Modbus, among many other technologies.


Asset tracking

Asset Management, Tool Control, & Inventory Made Easy

Our easy-to-implement inventory control software is the power behind the TCMax system that inventories and tracks all tools, equipment, and consumables. TCMax not only allows a tool crib to issue and turn in tools with unmatched speed and efficiency, but it is just as valuable for controlling mobile equipment and inventory of assets for fire departments, EMTs, or service trucks.

Get the Information You Need, When You Need It

Ignition's real-time status controls and analytics give you the power to quickly analyze and easily display the status of your facility.

  • Real-Time Status Control: Use screens for start and stop control
  • Alarming: Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your facility, no matter where you are
  • Reporting: Create dynamic, data-rich reports
  • Data Acquisition: Easily log and store data

Toma Controls Inc. sales and integration services

Toma controls Inc. has been using Rockwell Automation components since 1985 to integrate and or launch systems for our clients. Our staff is trained on Siemens PLC and have specified Siemens equipment for transmission and engine manufacturing. We have designed, fabricated, and commissioned Siemens PLC and drive components for some of the top 100 companies.

Our staff have been factory trained on robotic systems which include Fanuc, Yaskawa, Nachi and ABB.