Our history

Providing innovation, integration, and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Toma Controls Inc.

Toma Controls Inc. (TCI) was founded in 1985 as a service company to service CNC and drive equipment for local tool and die shops. Since then TCI has developed a number of applications such as servo driven coil feeders for the punch press industry, pc based controlled welding equipment, pc based Smart saw capable of cutting stock based on customer requirements. PLC controlled punch press systems, remote controlled pumping station, and lights out warehouse system all before 1990. During the 1990's we provided consultation on Lean Controls architectures implementation which became part of GM Powertrain’s standards and were adopted by and their vendors. We championed PC based controls for our clients and managed large programs for equipment installations during product launches. We handled "cradle to SORP" system integrations.


Who we are

We are a group of experienced product launch managers and system integrators. We have technical and management personnel with a proven track record of manufacturing engineering implementation success.

The team

We are systems integrators and have been part of large projects installations for the food, oil and gas, auto, plastic and agriculture industries. Our extensive background in manufacturing and process implementations has provided our customers with savings and successful launches. We strive to provide customer satisfaction as our primary service.

What we have accomplished

The History

TCI has developed products and provided systems for many business sectors which include automotive component manufacturing and assembly, metal stamping, oil and gas process designs, metal removal, food processing and climate controls. Recently we have been developing controls and IT based systems for robotic cells and supporting a large client with body and white applications.

TCI developed Mechanical Characteristic Virtual Mapping (MCVM) driver for our client which was the driver used to allow PLC to communicate with the plant host and provide build schedules real-time. This driver was used in powertrain programs worldwide. Working with the Controls IT integration Group, we acted as launch leaders for plant IT infrastructures and controls integration.

We assisted in the launch of two major powertrain programs for our client. During this launch we developed our controls and IT Project Monitoring System (CPROMS). The system was used to manage the installation of the crank line automation for the client. TCI acted as the liaison to vendors during installation of pant floor equipment. The major accomplishment for this project was the completion of the installation on a project that was 6 months behind. We not only brought the installation in on time recovering the lost time but brought the project in 4 weeks early! The client was able to meet the SORP requirements. Another added benefit was the client was able to PAPP the process and equipment concurrently during the build. Client achieved product timing.

Developed new programs for LEA head subassembly retool on existing stations. Major accomplishment, the new stations were commissioned during regular production without interrupting existing production. The new product was launched as a new model on the existing line as an addition to the existing models. The ability to implement the new model during production was a test of our ability to schedule and manage resources under timing constraints. TCI signs agreement to supply and install IGSS SCADA system. Both companies have been serving customers for over twenty five years with systems and service for clients all over the world. We ready to provide the most effective SCADA software to meet the customer demands.

TCI provides Customer Relationship Management tools for gas industry. TCI developed a database for DMS metrics and forecasting customer project success rates. The database was then adopted into corporate enterprise system. The enterprise system was developed and replaced other existing systems. The new system provided for a leaner operating system and reduced data mining man-hours. The new DMS system was implemented at both corporate locations and has provided projected customer implementation rates for Canadian operations.

Provided program management for vehicle launches for Daimler Chrysler Jeep.

Assisted GM Powertrain during the implementation of PC based controls on the plant floor for the manufacturing of powertrains. Today PC based controls are an industry standard. TCI provided program management for global engine launches. We were the system architects for new engine programs. TCI developed a system for tracking program launches and deliverables.

Developed our Visual Integrated Diagnostic Display (VIDD) system which is a pc based real time diagnostic system. This product assisted maintenance personnel in reducing downtime by showing exact location of the machine or process fault and provides live video on how to repair the problem.

Developed a "CNC 3 axis smart saw" which is capable of cutting stock of metal pieces in the most efficient manner to fulfill production requirements based on a schedule. Used extensively on the frame of the Dodge Viper.

Developed software to monitor quality of the robotic cell that was used to remove flashing from the fiber glass body parts of the Dodge Viper. Developed PC based controls for the greenhouse industry.

Designed and installed a CNC conversion kit that is capable of upgrading a duplicating mill in 3 days! Developed the Cbrake monitoring system for detecting brake wear. Developed systems using low cost PC based controls for the manufacturing floor. A system capable of functioning in one of the worse conditions (a welding application) was designed, built and tested. This system was used to control a welding station that assembled brackets for Ford Powertrain. The system proved to be reliable under the harshest environment.

Designed a servo system for coil feeders which reduced scrap by 84% over existing systems. Which today has become a standard. Perfected a system for integrating a PLC to a punch press.

Developed what is today known as the concept of using a PLC as a PAC controller with Medar welding controls to progressively weld the B pillar for the 1985 GM van.


Our goals

Toma Controls Inc. has been serving industry since 1985 with products and technical support.

    Striving to bring you the best
  • To provide our customers with the technical guidance and products that make their product launches a success.
  • To provide our customers with validated products and systems.
  • To meet our customers' expectation through hard work and technical expertise.